On September, 17 in Kaliningrad Russian Fund for Protection of Investor Rights will organize Round table to prepare for the first in the Russian law history international trial against foreign country Lithuania


Group of top-ranked international lawyers will meet in Kaliningrad to discuss legal aspects and the line of defence following the lawsuit of businessman Vladimir Antonov, who claims «fair trial» and 558 million euro compensation from Lithuanian authorities.

Among main participants will be Alexey Avtonomov, member of UN Committee, advisor on international law, lawyer Dmitry Popov, who defended Kaliningrad city from the claim of Dresdner Bank, Sergey Mirzoev, representing interests of Vladimir Antonov in a court, and their foreign colleagues: Julian Henry Lowenfeld, Doctor of Law, NYC, USA, etc.

Vladimir Antonov in person will take part of the discussion. His co-owner of the bank «Snoras» Raimondas Baranauskas (25%), which is currently under investigation and his location is unknown, will also join the meeting via online-conference.

16 November 2011, 100% of shares of the bank «Snoras» were nationalised by the Lithuanian government. Its shareholder and chairman V.Antonov (68.1%) lost all his assets (estimated at 2.5 billon Euro) in Latvia and Lithuania, after being put under investigation. He claimed himself “victim of politics” and appealed to the court to prove that the procedure of the nationalization took place with violation of the law. This fact was partly recognized by special commission of Lithuanian Seimas in 2012, but never officially admitted by Lithuanian government.

After years of investigation and gathering all necessary proofs in April 2016 the Russian Fund for Protection of Investor Rights hold an international colloquium of lawyers in Geneva to consider if Vladimir Antonov has a right to submit a claim against Lithuanian state.

As it was confirmed and following the introduction of new regulation in Russian law (from January 1, 2016) businessman filed the new appeal in the Arbitration tribunal of Moscow.

That would be the first international hearings in Russian Federation, citizen against foreign state, when Russia implements new law to hold exterritorial trial and seize the property of the Lithuanian bank in Russia.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for September, 22 in Moscow Arbitral tribunal.

Media representatives will be able to witness legal debates, as well as communicate personally with the participants of the discussion.

Journalists will be provided with packages of documents, exclusive photos and video files for the production of materials.

The event will take place in the Hotel Radisson, Kaliningrad (Pillau Room)

Registration starts at 9.30

Opening ceremony and first session start at 10.00